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AMFOR INC. as a company who specializes in fluid filtration have brought more than 20 years' experience on spiral-wound membranes and filtration systems for water purify, food and beverage, Dairy, Electro coat paints and pharmaceutical applications. AMFOR provides the widest product line in the industry with a complete range of membrane filtration processe:

          Reverse Osmosis  (RO)
          Nanofiltration  (NF)
          Ultrafiltration    (UF)
          Microfiltration   (MF)

The selection of the proper membrane for the application is essential. AMFOR provides membranes ranging from the most "open" (microfiltration) to the "tightest" (RO). Our expert engineers be able to choose the right membrane configuration to fit your specific application and meet your critical quality requirements. We add significant value in many applications.


Food and Beverage

By custom designing and developing new  membranes, elements, and systems for the food and  beverage industries, AMFOR has provided new production tools and techniques that have increased productivity, improved product quality, and reduced costs. Some of the commercial applications include concentration of:   
           ·grain proteins
          ·egg whites

In addition to concentration, membrane systems are used for clarification of:
            ·corn syrups
            ·edible oils




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