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AMFOR Tubular Anodes Cell is a flushable anode Cell used in electro coating (ED) paint system with most
types of paint. It serves as the opposition electrode and simultaneously removes solubilizer (usually a common
organic acid) from the paint to maintain chemical balance. AMFOR's Anolyte Injection Systems distribute
the anolyte evenly across the anodes in anocel box and semi-circular. And the delivery system in Anocel
tubular cells increases dirt and oxygen removal by a minimum factor of three over conventional designs.


Other customer benefits include:

*  Safe and Esay Handing

*  Hard to Damage Design

* Low Electrical Resistance

* Quick and Easy Inspection Procedure

* Maintenance Friendly




AMFOR Tubular Anode Cell Models
AMFOR Tubular Anode Cell available in the standard model ADTA-50 Series


Electrode Area by Effective Length

M2 F2
910 35.8 0.137 1.474
1400 55.1 0.21 2.26
1900 74.8 0.285 3.067
2300 90.6 0.345 3.712
2900 114.2 0.435 4.681


Membrane Area by Effective Length

M2 F2
910 35.8 0.191 2.055
1400 55.1 0.294 3.163
1900 74.8 0.399 4.293
2300 90.6 0.483 5.197
2900 114.2 0.609 6.553




AMFOR® patented Anolyte Injection SystemsTM(AISTM) with rifled delivery, preexpanded membrane construction and overall structure improvements will reduce both operating and anode replacement costs. Installation of products is also available.This ground-breaking line of high-performance, highly reliable anolye prodces includes ADTA-50 series Tubular Cells. Standard 316L stainless steel anodes standard, other types are available.


ADTA-50 Tubular Anodic Cell Series
ADTA-50 series products are made of excellent fittings from USA. The congener products can be fixed in
side, bottom and top of paint tank. The standard tubular cell material is SUS316L.


ADTA-50 Series:        
Electrode Diameter: 1.9inch(48mm)
Electrode Cap Diameter: 2.65inch(67mm)
Electrode Area per Length: 0.15m2/m
Membrane Area per Length: 0.21m2/m
Current Endure: 50A/ft2
Anodic Liquid Flux: 1.12l/min/m


The characteristics of ADTA-50:

Impact Resisting: soft material makes strong impact resisting.
High-strength Ion Membrane: pressure indensity is about 14kg/cm2.
High Permeating Rate: >98%.
Low resistance: <8 Ω /m.
Current Endure: 50A/ft2.
Anodic Liquid Flux: 1.12l/min/m.




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