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How to choose the best membrane for a given process is often a difficult task. The right choice of membrane type is crucial to achieving an optimised filtration process in terms of capacity, yield and efficiency. Membrane type, plant design and processing parameters should be carefully matched to meet the desired performance and cost-efficiency of the overall process. When it comes to innovative, value-adding solutions, AMFOR's Technology and Service is always the first rate!


AMFOR is one of the worlds' largest and professional providers of Ultrafiltration membranes for a wide range of applications.


Typical Application for UF Sanitary Membrane are:

Whey/Milk protein concentrate

Whey/Milk protein isolate


Brine Clarification

Clarification of fruit juice

Endotoxin & Pyrogen removal

Recovery of vaccines and antibiotics from fermentation broth

Enzyme concentration


AMFOR's UF Sanitary spiral wound membrane elements are available with:


• various diameter (3.8-10.3 inches)
• various length (33-56 inches)
• various feed spacers (24-80 mil)
• special design for high pH/high temperature
• membranes with various MWCO (1,000 – 500,000)


General   Specification : 






Standard Products Data Sheet:


PES series Data Sheet 


PAN series Data Sheet 


PVDF series Data Sheet           


PS series Data Sheet               


Replaces brand MICRODYN-NADIR membrane modules:




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