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What Is Microfiltration?


Microfiltration is a filtration process which removes contaminants from a fluid (liquid & gas) by passage through a microporous membrane. A typical microfiltration membrane pore size range is 0.1 to 10 micrometres (µm). Microfiltration is not fundamentally different from reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration or nanofiltration, except in terms of the size of the molecules it retains.


AMFOR's Spiral wound microfiltration membranes offer excellent performance in various applications. Feed water at a relatively high flow is pumped at a pressure of 10-50 psi along the membrane surface.  A small amount (5-10%) of the water goes through the membrane.  The balance of water goes to the next membrane element or is recycled back.  In addition, a small amount of concentrate is removed from the system.


This cross-flow process helps minimize the fouling of the surface of the microfiltration membrane.  Many different materials have been used for Microfiltration but most common are  Polyethersulfone (PES) and Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF).  Membrane in both of these materials are available from AMFOR INC.  Please choose a category below to view membranes and specifications.


Typical application for MF membranes are:


• Biotech/Pharm: Microbial&Virus Removal                                      
• Reverse Osmosis (RO) Pretreatment
• Beverage polishing for effective clarification and bacteriostatic assurance
• Cell Lysates(Debris Removal/Product Recovery)
• Enzymes, Proteins, Peptides(Purification/Fractionation)
• Whole Cell Harvesting/Antibiotic clarification



 AMFOR's MF Sanitary spiral wound membrane elements are available with:

• Material: PES, PVDF.

• membranes with various MWCO:  0.1um , 0.2um , 0.3um

• various diameter (3.8-10.3 inches)

• various lengths (33-56 inches)

• various feed spacers (24-80 mil)

• special design for high pH/high temperature


AMFOR's Sanitary spiral wound membrane benefit to you:

1.     Designed for maximum durability and long life.

2.     Conform to 3-A, FDA, and USDA standards.

3.     Available in standard diameter sizes or customized configurations for a wide range of applications.

4.     High resistance to fouling.




General Specification 15
MF--PES Series Data Sheet 15
MF--PVDF Series Data Sheet 15









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